My beautiful family.

My beautiful family.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

I'm so proud of me!  Allow me to toot my own horn...for just a few minutes anyways.  I've worked out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.  Just walking for now...but it's a great start.

Last night it was definitely cold outside, so Sandy, Shaylene, and I braved the wind and chilly temps and walked downtown.  It was great.  Afterward I felt so refreshed.  I don't mind walking in the mall, but there is just something about walking in the fresh air.  Ahhhhh, just makes you feel good!

After the walk I came home to a freshly grilled steak that was DELISH, thanks to my hubby!  I've been eating better this week too.  I was down two pounds from the initial weigh in with Biggest Loser and I'm working hard to drink lots of water and eat the right type of snacks.  For me, that means run as far as I can get from the chips and sweet tea!

I'd say that this week is a successful attempt at living a healthier lifestyle!


  1. 2 pounds! That's fantastic.. you should be so proud of yourself. :)